About the company

One of the group companies Laqqany for Agricultural Development was founded by engineer Sedky Laqqany the year 1994 included the company's activities during this period, land reclamation and cultivation of vegetables and fruits in order to meet the needs of the domestic market and export to the Arab countries , especially Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Iraq.

The company aims to support agricultural development through : providing many varieties of good characterized by efficiency and high safety of pesticides and fertilizers for farms Egyptian domestic and imported , the provision of machinery and equipment for land reclamation , such as loaders , excavators , tractors , as well as the company received several Agencies of local and foreign companies among them :

  • Misr International Hitch seeds | Egypt
  • Company farm mechanism for Agricultural Development The agent overseas industrial output | Jordan
  • Company Xian Kaida New Tknulgiy | China
  • EMPA Kimkal Company Limited | Turkey